The benefits of the software.

  • Fast Decission Making

Commander can get a correct and useful information to make the best decision in any time, in the Geolocation
and Visualization.

  • Best Strateguc Analysis and Planning

Helpful to analyzes and plans to many mission, both regular works and special operations.

  • Integrated and systematic Data Management

Great useful and best for long-term information and data management in systematic way.

  • Secure Web Application Architecture

Flexible to access and use by any devices with great reliable security and account  management system.


Software Specification

  • Crime Geolocation Information System
  • Secure Web Application Architecture
  • Authentication & Account Management System
  • Smart Search
  • Date/Time Filter
  • Secure Communication (TLS/SSL)
  • Google Map Compatability
  • Crime/Incident Management
  • Camera Point Management
  • Other Point of Interest Management
  • Report and Statistic Summary
  • KL Map Engine
  • Display Options & Filters (Layers)
  • Support Thai Language
  • Thai area support (Provinces, District, sub-district, village)
  • Secure and Hardening System