We, TT SMART VISION, are thai developer team, that devoted to develop a software suites that help business and government to make a better productivity and better living environment for our world, as our company motto ” Image Processing change the world”

We have developed several vertical solutions by using Image Processing technology, We analyzed the raw image and extract to object with some magical coding skill, then we can differential the object we are interesting by characteristics of that object, then we soon can detected color, size, face, license plate and etc. out from the image and/or video.

After we get detected the object that we want, then we can start tracking this object along with the rules we have been created to detected suspicious events, crime, violation, counting, recognition and much more.

We kept everything organized into SQL database, which others 3rd party developer can access the database and query for the information they want easily, easy for 3rd party software integration, we also provide a professional service to link our software suites to your video management software, you can easily manage everything on a single platform as Command Control Center, we have successfully integrated with few well-known VMSes and it is more to come.

We also provided the web-based reporting user interface on the web browser, that we let user to customized the program outlook by edited the php file for your organization text and logos, and you can translate it into any languages you want.

We have a new partner software that provide Video Content Analytics technology with Deep Learning Technology.

vca deep learning

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