LINE is the messaging application that are very popular in Japan, Thailand, Laos and several Southeast asian country, which can sent several media over LINE such as text, weblink, picture, video, voice. We also can make and receive a call using Line application too.

TT Smart, we change the way, user get the alarm from Email (no internet access at all time), SMS (no picture, can’t verified alarm) to an instant messaging LINE (provide real-time alarm with picture/video).

TT SMART VISION was develop new method of sending an important alarm notification to Line User, by using TT-Line Notify software, system can sent out alarm towards specific LINE group that want to receive important alarm information, such as Blacklist Face/License plate to Security Group or VIP Face/License plate to Shop owner or management group to better service to customer.



Image attached sent out on LINE


2 Types of alarm that we can get it

  1. Hardware such as IP Camera, Access Control device and etc. that can sent out http event
  2. Software such as  NVR, VMS, Analytics Software that can sent out http event


Benefits of LINE Notify Alarm

  1. Instant Messaging Alarm
  2. Attached Photo for user to verify
  3. Can sent alarm to LINE Group (everybody get notify at the same time)
  4. No extra cost for using this services


Supported Software and Hardware

  1. IP Camera support : VIVOTEK, AXIS
  2. VMS support : VIVOTEK VAST, NxWitness, TT SMART
  3. NVR support : VIVOTEK NVR
  4. VCA support : VIVOTEK VCA, TT SMART all LPR, FACE Engine


Example of  alarm to an LINE Group (By TT-Line Notify)


Examples of alarm Notification on LINE (LINE Notify)


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