Face Count and Analysis

Face Count and Analysis

Face Recording engine captures and records faces that pass through the
surveillance. The system works with high quality IP CCTV cameras, which can
captures, records a face snapshot, then provide counting the faces and information
such as age and gender of customer.

All data can be displayed the web report, which is customisable to meet the
Marketing Manager to analyze the behavior of the customer.

Target customer can be department stores, retail stores, supermarkets.

Software Specification

• Maximum five face detection system simultaneously.
• System will detect once and tracking the face until out of frame
• Store all items into SQL, MySQL, Oracle databases.
• All detected face got a timestamp so can be track the result
• The system can be export to excel or pdf format
• Face Recognition system is also provide to excluded the staff face information to
make report perfectly.

Camera specification

• High Resolution Network Camera at least 3MP or better.
• 8-50mm Varifocal Lens which can adjust the lens distance to get the desired
image range.

PC CPU Specification

• Processor Corei7 Gen6 Speed 2.6GHz, 8GB RAM, 1 TB HDD Windows 7
Professional/Windows 10 Professional
• Webserver Kit (for central administration)

Recommended Camera Installation

• The camera mount position is in portrait orientation. Face viewing angle not more
than 15 degrees.
• The size of a person’s face must be about 1 in 10 of the total viewing angle for the
most accurate system work.
• Details and size of the person’s face. The distance between black eye with a
resolution not less than 150 pixels will help make the system work as accurately as
• In the camera angle, the subject must not obstruct the subject, to get accurate

System Restrictions

• The camera should be mounted in a light-sensitive area.
• Human must not be wearing dark glasses or mask cover your mouth and nose.
• The camera mount must not be subjected to vibration. This will cause data

Highlights of the Face Recorder program.

• The program was developed by Thai team (Made in Thailand) so it can customize
the program to suit the needs of customers.
• Compatible with all brands of cameras with ONVIF or RTSP standards.
• We can provide the alarm events to the Video Management Software that
customer wants. Currently supports NxWitness, VIVOTEK VAST, 3T SMART and


Examples of software work